Wander the Park

A fun interactive experience that will get the whole family moving and explore the history and culture of New Westminster using technology. Follow GPS coordinates that will lead you to QR codes containing digital activities you can access on your smartphone. Just point your phone camera at the QR code and your activity will load.

This collaboration between the City of New Westminster’s Culture departments that include New Media Gallery, Museums & Heritage, and Art Services has created spaces within Queen’s Park that questions its colonial past, pursues a decolonized present and envisions a postcolonial future.

New Media Gallery has contributed two works to the project:

Re:Grow, an Interactive Augmented Reality experience that enables you to place flora indigenous to Queen’s Park on surfaces that includes grass, dirt and concrete. Best used on a smartphone.

Sunrise, a 360 degree video of Queen’s Park that displays all the natural complex colours of a sunrise. Best used on a smartphone.

AR and VR experiences developed by New Media Gallery instructors, Chris Jung and Mimi Xia.