School Workshops

Our workshops integrate ideas from the exhibition together with BC’s new Core Curriculum. Big Ideas inform each exciting 1.5 – 3 hour Workshop where a focus on process and inquiry-based learning are key. Encouraging and building on a vibrant & dynamic process of creativity and imagination in workshop situations is our thing; we champion individual and collective brainstorming and focused play!

Tuesday– Friday,

between 9:30– 2:00

Optimum Class Size – 24

• Teachers: Request a Workshop Syllabus for each exhibition of interest.
• Advance Notice: minimum 6 weeks to schedule a Workshop + Instructor.
• Workshops begin with an exhibition tour connecting students with international artists and the innovative uses of
technologies, concepts + ideas from around the world.
• Workshops connect students with experienced STEAM instructors who are experts in their area of arts +
technology instruction and experienced with creative making.
• Workshops introduce students to technology + creative making in ways that are never prescriptive. We encourage
student-lead creative experimentation and problem-solving.
• We link workshop development with the new BC curriculum for your age group.
• We provide expertise, mentorship, instruction and demonstrations
• With enough advance notice, we can provide a pre-workshop activity.
• With enough advance notice we will link a workshop to a specific activity or lesson plan.

Contact us at to register