Join us for an Artist Talk, as part of the ZOOVEILLANCE exhibition, featuring award-winning artist Marco Barroti (Italy/Germany).

Saturday, February 17, 2024 | 1:00 - 2:00pm
Ballroom, Anvil Centre Theatre, 1st Floor
777 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC, V3M 1B6

About Marco Barroti
Marco Barotti is a media artist. After music studies at the Siena Jazz Academy, he began merging sound with visual art. His work is driven by a desire to invent an artistic language in which a fictional post-futurist era is expressed through kinetic sound interventions in natural and urban environments. His installations merge audio technology, consumer objects, and waste into moving sculptures triggered entirely by sound. The primary focus of his work is to create a “tech ecosystem” that plays with resemblances to animals and plants. These artworks serve as a metaphor for the anthropogenic impact on the planet and aim to make people aware of environmental and social issues.

Barotti has been awarded the NTU Global Digital Art Prize (Clams) the Tesla Award(Swans) and the Delux Colour Award (Sound Of Light).

His work has been exhibited internationally at Ars Electronica (Linz), Saatchi Gallery(London), Science Gallery (Melbourne), Futurium (Berlin), Polytech Festival (Moscow), Zer01ne, (Seoul), Fact (Liverpool), Wro Art Center (Wroclaw), Picknick (Seoul), Isea(Montreal), ARCAM Architecture Center (Amsterdam), silent green (Berlin), Dutch Design Week (Eindhoven), NTU (Singapore), Stuck, (Leuven), Kikkk Festival (Namur),Emaf (Osnabrück), Lisboa Soa (Lisbon), La Boral, (Gijón), New Holland Island and Sevcableport (St Petersburg).

Barotti has received grants from bbk Berlin, Stiftung Kunstfonds, Emap / Emare and Music Board Berlin. He has been selected for prestigious residency programs such as Art of Entanglement, Science Gallery Berlin / BIFOLD at TU Berlin (2023), Zer01neCreators project, Seoul (2022), Re:Searching IT Security CASA - Horst Görtz Institutefor IT Security Ruhr-Universität Bochum (2021) and WRO Center for Media Art, Wroclaw (2019).

For more information on the artist and their work, go to ZOOVEILLANCE exhibition on this website.

About the ZOOVEILLANCE exhibition
February 18 - May 5, 2024

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (UK)
The Substitute, 2019

Mat Collishaw (UK)
The Machine Zone, 2019

Marco Barotti (IT/DE)
APES, 2022

The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.—WB Yeats

The creative depiction of animals goes back millennia, often describing a shared relationship with technology. Animals have given us potent symbols and poignant representations related to changing socio-political conditions and philosophies of power, freedom, rational thought, belief and morality.

Extensive research into artificial intelligence or social media inform three extraordinary works by Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Mat Collishaw and Marco Barotti. The works encourage us to consider the evolution of two formidable, hyper-transformative technologies, rooted in the 20th century and now blossoming in the 21st – Artificial Intelligence and Social Media.

Through the use of video & sound, code and robotics, we are presented with the suggestion of three animal species engaged in uncanny, ritualistic and performative actions and movements; each rooted in an uneasy, even dysfunctional association with AI or Social Media. The works allude to the tremendous potential of these technologies…at the same time presenting us with unsettling observations and information. None of the animals may be separated from its host; each is bound to its technologies in some way. There is a beauty, horror and pathos to these apparitions; the reactive apes, the conditioned pigeons and the critically endangered northern white rhino. Confined, subjected and diminished by technology, each animal body is disciplined and defined by a fraught relationship to AI or Social Media.

The works in ZOOVEILLANCE offer insights into the paradox of technological advancement. Open-ended, they leave us with no easy answers. Importantly, they encourage us to reflect on a digital world progressively restructured and governed by social media and artificial intelligence. Like the proverbial Canary in a Coal Mine, the works function as a sort of advance warning system; collecting, monitoring and forecasting an uncertain future.

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