Curators will develop live-stream classes for Universities, Colleges and Special Interest Groups. Curators discuss contemporary art & technology from a New Media Gallery perspective, offering insights into past and current exhibitions & artists. Students will be encouraged to explore and consider common themes in contemporary art and technology.  With advance notice we can respond to specific requests for special subjects.   Ask for our Virtual University Brochure.
Virtual Illustrated Session + Discussion

9:00am – 4:00pm Tuesday – Friday  (Evenings by Request) 

1.5 – 2.5 Hours + Q&A 

Fee: $50

Standard Virtual Presentations Include:
New Media Art Overview – General
Case Studies from New Media Gallery – Selection of case studies describing a selected aspect of New Media
Interactive + Performative Art – Case Studies from New Media Gallery Archives
Design + Installation Considerations in New Media Art
Virtual Exhibition Tour – A multi-media Curatorial Tour of the current exhibition – FREE
New Media Gallery Past Exhibitions or Artist(s) – Multimedia Presentation including Artist Excerpts

Information:  Director-Curators :  Gordon Duggan + Sarah Joyce