Time Lapse: Living Light


We have evolved to respond to light. Our daily rhythms are governed by light from the sun. Sun is with us from sunrise to sunset, up in the stars and down in the bio-luminescence of sea creatures. Light changes the way outdoor and indoor spaces and objects appear to our eyes.  But have you ever made something out of light?

We’re going to explore the magical properties of light in this distance workshop.  Working at home you’ll set up light sculptures in your window, then you’ll make a time-lapse animated movie showing the movement of the sun through the coloured materials.  We’ll take a peek into the amazing world of artists who use light.  We’ll be asking you to collect found cardboard, glassware and transparent plastics of all sizes and colours.  We’ll show you how to build a sturdy, cardboard base-stand for your light sculpture.  Finally we’ll learn how to create a simple, stop-motion animation movie that captures the changing, coloured light !  You need basic technology – a smart phone (android, iPhone) or tablet (Galaxy, iPad).  And a window!  You can show these to your friends & family, or give one as a handmade gift!  

You’ll get some short how-to videos.  We’ll see you for weekly live-stream drop-in sessions where Instructor, Chris Jung, will answer your questions and help you with your creative and technical problems.   

Science: What properties of Light do Artists use?  Can Light Waves be an Artistic Material? What is the light spectrum? How does the eye see colour and light?
Technology: How do I capture and manipulate time-lapse or stop motion video with my phone or i-pad? How do I add sound ? How do I show my piece when it’s finished?
Engineering: How is light measured? How do you make a strong base or stand?   Art: How has animation and time lapse/stop motion been used by artists? How has light been used by artists? How can shape, colour, movement and time change the meaning of your artwork?
Mathematics: What is the Colour Spectrum? What does distance have to do with Light? What math tricks do I need to make a strong base or stand? Suggested Ages:
8 – 13

Course Schedule:

Every Thursday, Sept. 3 – 10

2 sessions, 2:00PM – 3:30PM

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Week 1

  • 5 minute video on composing a scene using natural light and colour
  • 5 minute video on how to set up a stop motion studio using cardboard and a smart device
  • 30 min. Teleconference with all participants.  Introduction.\
  • 1 hour Teleconference discussion on time-lapse animation, light installations and colour composition

Week 2

  • 10 minute video on adding sound to visual compositions
  • 1 hour teleconference discussion on presentation of work and constructive feedback. 


  • Smart phone or tablet
  • Cardboard
  • Stop Motion app
  • Glass/plastic containers and transparent materials of various colours
  • Tape 
  • Scissors