NMG Curators offer a series of virtual, illustrated talks reflecting on New Media Gallery exhibitions and artists. Referencing some of the 140 international artists and 25 exhibitions curated by NMG Curators in the last six years, and giving  behind-the-scenes insights into the development of small group exhibitions with artists from around the world. There will be time for open discussion at the end of each session.  

Virtual Platform

1  Hour + Open Discussion

Free –   Please Register at

Speakers:  Gordon Duggan Executive Director-Curator + Sarah Joyce Director-Curator

Welcome to the Currency Exhibition

September 11 11:00am – 12:15pm  (+Q&A) 

A virtual Curatorial Talk on the Currency Exhibition, which opens to limited in-person entry on September 1st.  The exhibition was planned long before Covid, yet the questions the eight artists raise about our problematic relationship with currency, and how we behave under rapidly changing circumstances remain constant. In this illustrated online talk, NMG Director-Curators Gordon Duggan & Sarah Joyce give an introduction to the exhibition. 

Design & Installation  for Small International Exhibitions

September 18 11:00am – 12:00pm

New Media Gallery celebrates six years, 23 group exhibitions with over 130 ground-breaking artists from around the world. In this illustrated online talk, Executive Director Gordon Duggan will speak on the unique Design + Installation strategies used by NMG to present complex technologies and installations. Using case studies he will discuss some of the more challenging installations and touch on our sustainability strategies.
Gordon has a background in Art + Design. After studying Fine Arts at University of Calgary he moved from painting into conceptual furniture & industrial design, winning a number of national and international awards. He received a Masters in Design (Honours) from Domus Academy, Milan, and worked at Domus after graduating. He was Director at Parnham College (Furniture Design) and Hooke Park Ecological College (a sustainable woodland) in the UK – modernizing their traditional programme, and introducing computer aided design processes and environmental practices. After moving to London he became manager of electronic + time-based media art at Lisson Gallery and pursued independent curatorial, design & arts consulting in London and Canada. He became one of the founding Director-Curators of New Media Gallery in 2014.
There will be time for informal Q&A after the talk.

History of Currency in Art

September 25 11:00am – 12:15pm

The works in the Currency exhibition reflect current perceptions, anxieties and concerns around currency and value. Curator Sarah Joyce looks to the history of currency for precedents. Join her for an illustrated talk on pre-20th century currencies and how these have been depicted in art. Three case studies will be covered, detailing the complicated currencies of sugar, shells & tulips and why these are relevant to the exhibition.

Virtual Currency Exhibition

October 9 11:00am – 12:15pm

The Currency exhibition was planned long before Covid, yet the questions the eight artists raise here about how currency operates, our problematic relationships with currency and how we behave under rapidly changing circumstances remain constant. Join us for a Virtual Tour of the Currency Exhibition with Director-Curators Gordon Duggan + Sarah Joyce.   Featuring video excerpts + live commentary.

For expanded discussion on the Currency Exhibition please attend the September 11 Talk. 

Behind-the-Scenes at New Media Gallery

October 23 11:00am – 12:15pm

Director-Curators will share a selection of  case studies as well as  the highs and lows associated with running and curating a small, international gallery devoted to contemporary art + challenging technology.