Micro Residency

Micro Residency at New Media Gallery - Learning Lab

Applications for the micro residency are now closed for 2020. We will be contacting the short listed candidates shortly. Thank You for all of your wonderful proposals.

New Media Gallery Learning Lab is a creative studio space run by the gallery.  We offer arts + technology programming with access to a range of technologies.  Moving into September we are sensitive to a continued need for social distancing. We are introducing the Micro Residency as a new and effective use of the Learning Lab and as a way to offer free, concentrated time to Artists who wish to experiment with technology. 

List of 2020/2021 micro residents

  • Sangchul Nam
  • Rosalina Libertad Cerritos
  • Josephine Lee
  • Nathania Vishnevsky
  • Margaret Dragu
  • Marie-Pier Malouin

Complete our Micro Residency Application Form which includes:

  • Name, Phone and Email
  • Dates you are available for Micro Residency
  • The municipality where you live and where you work or have a studio
  • Project Proposal (500 words)  
  • Description of a Past Project you have completed (100 words)
  • 3-7 images and/or 3 minutes of video documenting existing work or future projects  (provide URL links to video)
  • Image List
  • 2 References 

Application is due by September 14th, 2020. Submit application in PDF format to https://newmediagallery.ca/micro-residency/

All Micro Residencies will be actively documented and recorded by New Media Gallery Staff.  Videos and photos will be created for New Media Gallery Archives and possibly shared on social media  or in reports (public sharing will be discussed before posting).  

You will be asked to choose any or all of these potential Residency dates. If you are successful, the Learning Lab and its technologies will be made available to you for 3 Days within one of these periods.  The Lab will remain open to gallery staff at this time.  Hours of access can be discussed but generally must be concurrent with opening hours & staff availability.. 

  • Week of October 3 - 11
  • Week of October 17 - 25
  • Week of October 31 - Nov 8
  • Week of November 14 - 22
  • Week of November 28 - Dec 6
  • Access to NMG Program Coordinator and limited input from Director-Curator. 
  • Access to the Learning Lab and a separate, personal area to set up projects.
  • Hours of access can be discussed but generally must be concurrent with opening hours.    
  • Access to Technology instruction and demonstrations on Day 1
  • Access to advice and help with trouble-shooting on Days 2 & 3
  • 6 x Tinkerine Ditto Pro 3D printers (1.75mm filament)
  • 4 x Oculus Rift headset with 4 x PCs (Intel Quad Core processors, Radeon graphics card)
  • 6 x Occipital 3D scanners
  • 13 x iPads (5th & 6th generation)
  • 6 x iMacs (3.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, Radeon Pro 570 4 GB, 8gb RAM)
  • 1 x 10’x12’ green screen with frame and soft lights
  • 6 x Tascam DR40 Field Recorders
  • 6 x Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interfaces
  • HD projectors
  • 4 x Genelec monitor speakers
  • 6 x LG 26” Ultra HD monitors
  • LittleBits Pro Library, Code Kit and Synth Kit
  • Unfortunately we cannot cover the costs for extensive use of consumables (eg. PLA filament for 3D printing).  Storage devices and electronic components should be discussed and there may be the possibility to purchase them at cost from New Media Gallery. 

Artists of all backgrounds and ages are invited to submit proposals. All applications will be seriously considered. We will consider proposals from applicants without a formal CV.  We will consider proposals from those without technological experience. For this Residency we hope to support  Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, Gender Diverse and Senior Artists who demonstrate a desire to experiment with technologies. We also hope to encourage applications from those who may not have the resources to afford expensive technology.   At least one Residency will be awarded to an Artist from New Westminster.  Artists will be asked for a short interview prior to the final selection.  

We will seriously consider all proposals but we are especially interested in proposals that: 

  • Demonstrate the potential and need to experiment with technology.
  • Describe the Technology you will use in the Learning Lab 
  • Describe your past experience with Technology.
  • Demonstrate your potential for developing challenging projects 
  • Demonstrate your interest in exploring issues related to social justice or the environment.
  • Describe how your background relates to your artistic practice. 
  • Describes why you require this Residency