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A fascinating virtual talk organized in response to the Mouthpiece exhibition, featuring Dr. Jill Fellows, Faculty of Philosophy, Douglas College.

Bounding Between and Beyond the Binaries
Saturday, December 10
10:00am - 10:45am + Q&A

Jill Fellows will speak about how computer and digital assistant marketing and design reinforce binaries between subject and other, human and machine, man and woman, and mind and body. And how the installations in Mouthpiece challenge all these binaries, unsettling them in interesting ways.

Jill Fellows has a BA and MA from the University of Calgary and a PhD from UBC. She is a philosophy instructor in the philosophy and humanities department at Douglas College. Her areas of study are social epistemology (especially issues of trust, expertise and objectivity) and metaphysics (especially with regards to personal identity). Fellows has also taught at SFU, Quest University and UBC. Her book Gender, Sex and Tech! ; An Intersectional Feminist Guide was accompanied by a Podcast of the same title.