Accomplished researchers in new media art and physics, Dr. Laura Marks and Dr. Monika Stachura contribute to a dialogue moderated by Sharad Khare from Human Biography and filmed before a live audience.

Imagination Dialogue was Inspired by Indivisible, an exhibition curated by New Media Gallery, which brought together artists working in the scientific realm. Artists in the exhibition included Arts at CERN residents Yunchul Kim, Semiconductor, with Ralf Baecker and Richard Vijgen. Discussion revolved around the intersections of art and science and reflected the theme of the exhibition ‘’exploring the unseen processes constantly at work in the world around us’.

Dialogue Participants:
Sharad Khare: Moderator, Co-Founder of Human Biography
Dr. Monika Stachura: Senior Researcher at TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator centre
Dr. Laura Marks: Academic, philosopher and scholar of new media and film at Simon Fraser University

Event Date: August 8, 2022
Venue: Anvil Theatre

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This event was realized through a partnership between New Media Gallery/City of New Westminster, The Consulate General of Switzerland in Vancouver, Innovation FEST, Human Biography, CERN, Arts at CERN, TRIUMF, ISM Arts & Culture.