We are delighted to present a reading and a butoh performance in the gallery. GYRE: The Ocean Container is the title of a novel written by Patrik Sampler in 2017. Readings from his book and a butoh performance created by Carolyn Chan + Clancy Dennehy for the launch of Sampler’s novel are being tapped in this exhibition response. Rich interconnections were readily apparent between the works in the exhibition, the novel, and the butoh ; a surreal and hypnotic interplay of themes, imagery and sound. This performance then is a response within a response within a response…reflecting the Gyre itself.

Patrik Sampler’s novel, The Ocean Container, (Ninebark Press), has been described as a gorgeous lament ….dense and hallucinatory, dark and visceral. In this surreal and lyrical debut novel an environmentalist on the run takes refuge in a compound for vagrants. Sampler’s writing has appeared in a variety of publications including The Guardian, The Millions, and The Scofield. He is a contributing editor for Peculiar Mormyrid.

Patrik’s book can be purchased after the performance.

Carolyn Chan is a butoh dancer and works in the Arts. The Georgia Straight described her thus “She makes the act of simply lying on her belly and slowly lifting her back legs look unearthly”. Clancy Dennehy is a Vancouver artist whose career has encompassed film, music and art. Together they create original music + dance under the name Metal Dog, which was founded for the creation of Butoh inspired dance.

Butoh (舞踏 Butō) is a significant, avante garde art/dance form that arose in Japan after the Second World War. Often described as the Dance of Darkness, it is intended to help us experience awareness and compassion in a suffering world. Dancers typically use a range of techniques and movements to reflect a mixture of grotesque confusion and horror. It can be shocking in its intensity and raw qualities.

GYRE, the exhibition, will remain open until 5PM on September 22 2018 and then from 7:00 – 8:30PM during the performance.

GYRE Artists: Nicolas Bernier, Daniel Iregui + Chul Hyun Ahn.
GYRE has been extended until October 7 2018.

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