Celebrating Earth Day with four events in April 2023

1. New Media Gallery EXHIBITION
aBIOTIC - Earth Day Curatorial Tours
Saturday, April 22
10am - 5pm
Throughout Earth Month visit the aBIOTIC exhibition and marvel at three international and award-winning art + science installations that encourage us to think about the beauty of natural processes, our planet and the biosphere. Three art + technology installations convey earth’s primordial beginnings through phases of water and sound and consider a world or life held in fragile balance.

2. Art + Technology + New Media Gallery EVENT
Biospheres + Soundscapes
Saturday, April 22
3pm – 4:30pm
Zoom, or in-person at Anvil Centre, Room 417
Registration required
On Earth day, we are pleased to host a series of short, inspiring talks that will encourage communities to listen to their environment and appreciate our global connections. Through exceptional projects in the arts, research and conservation, our speakers will touch on how sound allows us to connect with and preserve our ocean biospheres. We will hear about Biosphere Soundscapes in Australia and the creative and documentary projects in acoustic ecology taking place in UNESCO recognized biospheres around the world. We will hear about the UNESCO recognized Átl'ka7tsem / Howe Sound Biosphere in Vancouver and the sound ecology of this ocean and Bowen Island, together with insights into creative sound projects and the aBIOTIC exhibition.

This program of Talks observes Earth Month, offers a response to aBIOTIC and launches our upcoming Field Recording: Bowen Island workshop, April 29/30.

Dr. Leah Barclay, is founder of Biosphere Soundscapes. Australian sound artist, designer and researcher at the intersection of art, science and technology.
Ruth Simons is Executive Director and Lead for Atl'ka7tsem/Howe Sound UNESCO Biosphere Region, where people are committed to creating lasting futures for their communities and the environments that sustain them.
Dr. Mark Nazemi works at the intersection of sound, technology, education and well-being. He is a faculty member of Simon Fraser University, School of Interactive Arts and Technology and Senior Sound Instructor with New Media Gallery.
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3. Art + Technology LAB WORKSHOP
Field Recording: Bowen Island
Learn about recording sounds in natural environments using a variety of techniques and technologies. LAB instruction on Saturday and a field visit to Bowen Island on Sunday. Bringing a hand-held recording device is strongly suggested. Travel costs via transit to Bowen Island are included. Instructor: Dr. Mark Nazemi
Saturday, April 29 1pm – 4pm
Sunday, April 30 8am – 6pm
Art + Technology LAB | Bowen Island
Registration Fee: $120
Registration: LINK

4. New Media Gallery EVENT
Rehearsal for a Forest
Branching Songs Ensemble
Saturday, April 29
3pm - 4pm
Registration Required
The works in the exhibition provide the basis of a score and electroacoustic performance providing a ‘biotic’ or living contrast to the works in the exhibition. The space will be activated by human touch. Instruments will be made from tree remnants and technology. The event expands on the consideration of what constitutes life and aliveness.
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