Denis Beaubois
Artist Talk
January 31, 2015

We are pleased to welcome Denis Beaubois who will speak around his practice and his work in the Biometric exhibition, Constant.

With Constant, conceptual artist Denis Beaubois has created a shifting uncertain portrait that morphs imperceptibly between 13000 individual faces. Constant was created after conversations with scientists from the Forensic Psychology department at the University of New South Wales. Beaubois was interested in the increasing problem of wrongful imprisonment that occurred when the race of the accused was different to that of the accuser. The work plays with the conventions of portraiture and its reference to captivity.Constant effectively blurs the boundaries of race and identity making it impossible to locate or identify any constant point of reference.

Denis Beaubois, born in Mauritius, was a member of performance ensemble Gravity Feed and the Post Arrivalists. He has performed with Japanese company Gekidan Kaitaisha in the Drifting View X in Tokyo. He holds an MA in photography and performance as well as an MFA in Time Based Arts from COFA UNSW where he also lectures in video art. He lives in Sydney. His works have been exhibited internationally including TATE Modern and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art/SFMoma (2010) The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland (2009) The Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney and the Zero One Biennale in San Jose (2008) The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei and Wood St Galleries in Pittsburgh (2007). His works have also been included in The SCAPE Biennale of Art in public space New Zealand The Rencontres Internationale Paris Berlin festival The Koldo Mitxelena Kulturnea in San Sebastian (2006) The Santiago Biennale in Chile The Adelaide film festival in Australia (2005) and as part of the Transmediale program Berlin (2004). He has received numerous awards for his works most notably winning the 1998 Bonn Videonale (Germany) and receiving the Judges special prize for the Internationaler Medien Kunst Preis 2001 ZKM (Germany).