Daniel Iregui

Daniel Iregui will speak on his artistic practice and the installation in Gyre. Forward is perceived as a constantly changing choice of perceptual tunnels that generate infinite ways to get to a distant point on the horizon. Using projection mapping, the content is fully generative, random and infinite. Every decision the software makes has a certain probability and is never the same.

Daniel Iregui is a Montreal-based New Media artist who creates interactive sculptures, immersive spaces, and architectural interventions using technology as both a tool and an aesthetic. He works with the infinite and random combinations produced by interactive systems that the audience influences and transforms; the interaction between the human being and technology has always been his focus since the very beginning.

His early educational and professional journey is marked by receiving a post-graduate diploma in Interactive Multimedia from Sheridan College in Toronto (2005), followed by a few work experiences in the field: he was Lead Web Developer at Zemoga INC (2005-2007) and Lead Interaction Designer at Moment Factory (2007-2009).