1:00pm - 2:00pm
Artist Talk - Anvil Theatre
Cristhian Ávila Cipriani (Peru) and Xoán X’il (Spain)
Free - All Welcome

2:00pm - 4:30pm
Exhibition Opening
Free - All Welcome

We are thrilled to bring together Xoán X’il (Spain) and Cristhian Ávila Cipriani (Peru) in conversation. The exhibition PneumoMachinic (breath machines) is a sound-art exhibition which considers the cultural influence of breath...from the earliest human speech, to installations evoking the ancient musical sounds of Peru and Spain. The artists will discuss topics that explore and expand on how their works and research intersect. They will discuss the history of Andean and Spanish music and how it responded to colonising forces, and how music from both cultures was absorbed, reinterpreted and became influential in a process of cultural syncretism.

Cristhian Ávila Cipriani (Peru)
Prix Are Electronic 2020
Cristhian Ávila Cipriani is a multidisciplinary Artist living and working in Lima, Peru. He received a Bachelor of Arts from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. His artistic work is strongly linked to everyday life as a transformative element. The projects and processes that he develops show the ephemeral existence of acts that are directly linked to individual needs, such as, for example, the need to transcend, a need to leave traces or vestiges of having existed. His plans are balanced between going beyond memory of a simple act in particular of forgetting everything that is not important. He has exhibited in Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo, Cusco, Madrid, Italy and Rome. He received second place winner in the Photography category of Maravillarte 2022. IRRADIA 2020 award winner, organized by MALI (Lima Art Museum) and Fundación Telefónica del Perú. He has been part of the exhibits: En busca de algo perdido…Perú un sueño, MUNA 2021, Otra Feria, Lima + Santiago (2021), Dos Generaciones, Centro Cultural Británico drawing contest, Lima, 2021, Bellas Artes: Voz y huella de los egresados (1918-2018), Lima, 2018, Ojo Andino Perú, Venice, 2016, among others.

Xoán-Xil (Spain)
Prix Are Electronica 2021
Xoán-Xil López is a sound artist and researcher whose work focuses on phonography (field recording) and sound experimentation taking the form of installations, immersive listening situations, compositions, performances and texts. He studied musicology and holds a PhD in Fine Arts with the Thesis Signal / Noise. He is part of the projects as Mediateletipos (sound Art), Ulobit (improvisation) and collaborates with different groups such as Vertixe Sonora or Arxis Ensemble contemporary music ensembles, Gigacircus company and Haarvöl electronic music proposal. He was one of the co-founders of, an interdisciplinary collective dedicated to the study of the soundscape and aurality (cultural dimension of listening), which was active from 2006 to 2016. He teaches workshops, seminars and gives talks on Sound Art and field recording at universities around the world and curated conferences and workshops on sound. He has published on sound art MASE, for the International Encounter of Creation Sensxperiment and for the european research project on memory and listening European Acoustic Heritage (EAH) and O Abellón, a art/anthropology book focused on bees, drone sounds and ritual practices in Galicia (Spain). He has composed a series of works for pipe organ and a sound installation commissioned by De Lugares e Órganos festival and, recently work on sound design for Salvaxe, salvaxe and anti-documentary about wild wolfs on Galicia and north of Portugal. His work has been presented around the world.

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