ARTalk: David Bowen

New Media Gallery + Learning Lab  

ARTalk Series – David Bowen, USA

New Media Gallery is proud to present another in our ARTalk series for senior students & emerging artists.  Join celebrated artist David Bowen as he delves into the creative and technological process behind multi-media work tele-present wind (2018). David will offer demonstrations and hands-on access to his robotic devices.  He’ll share his knowledge of robotics, accelerometers, realtime data and discuss how he his work has transmitted the wind between very disparate locations. This special workshop is available to young artists by invitation and will be streamed live for broad access.


David Bowen is a studio artist and educator whose work has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally. Bowen’s work is concerned with aesthetics that result from interactive, reactive and generative processes as they relate to intersections between natural and mechanical systems. He is currently an Associate Professor of Sculpture and Physical Computing at the University of Minnesota.

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