Play Pattern #1: Red
February 5, 2017
Alanna Ho + Luce Kay Rubino Tang (KK)

Elisa Medina – Garment Design
Matthew Ariatratnam – Filming

In response to the CHILDREN exhibition, Alanna Ho & Kay Kay Rubino will each adopt strategies of Deep Play. Through an in-gallery video installation (& through a passage of time) they will connect a performance in the space of the New Media Gallery…linked to a child’s sun room somewhere in Richmond. Seating space in the gallery will be limited.

Deep Play is a temporal dislocation, often felt as a profound and absorbed becoming; allowing us a way to be someone, something and somewhere else. We see it in children as they become what they play and time fades away. In adults Deep Play is often associated with a ‘sanctuary of the mind’, favouring exuberance, license and abandon (strategies can be tried out, selves can be revised. It is its own goal).

PLAY PATTERN NO.1 : RED has been created as one in a series of Deep Play Patterns intended as vigils for the 14 million girls who will be forced into child-bride marriages in the next ten years. Emerging artist Alanna Ho presents us with two becomings: a sort of un-performance that allows free-form movement, appropriated sound, video-memory, and self-involved thought to merge with gestures invoking play, memory & protest. These gestures range from meditative explorations of childhood objects and the sort of simple movements used in children’s dance, to more complex gestures she has developed suggestive of ‘criticism and a punishment of the human vessel’. There are physical references to the Red String of Fate : that unbreakable promise of a true romantic connection found in Japanese and Chinese legend: a physical tying together of two bodies or souls into a single soul (the soulmate). At the same time this red string might suggest an umbilical cord that nurtures or a string that binds.

ALANNA HO is an emerging visual artist, musician, composer and interdisciplinary performer. She is the founder of Rainbow Forest Project, a non-profit and community initiative. This project aims to share children’s stories and generate contemporary art engagement by collaborating with their own creative ideas to produce larger scale works.

LUCE KAY RUBINO TANG collaborates with Alanna Ho on various creative projects.

Elisa Medina – Garment Design

Matthew Ariatratnam – Filming

Free Admission
3rd Floor, Anvil Centre
777 Columbia St , New Westminster
New Media Gallery Open until 8:30pm
Pay parking located beneath Anvil Centre (off 8th)
Skytrain: New Westminster (Across from Anvil)