Prototyping with Little Bits!

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     November 26, 2018

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Learn how to prototype with Little Bits. Suitable for Adults + Kids. These award-winning, click together, electronic building blocks have taken the world by storm. In this workshop you will learn electronic basics that involve sensors, motors, gears and pulleys. You’ll learn fundamental circuitry and robotics without the hassle of soldering or breadboards. We will explore sensors, switches and motors. Eexperiment with our giant collection of Little Bits. This will set you up for future workshops. Use your imagination to create a collaborative artwork out of cardboard and rubber bands. Create your own unique light-up, beeping, moving artwork! Whether you are a maker, or someone looking for a faster, more creative way to build, you will love this workshop.

19-Jan-2019 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM