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     September 15, 2018

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     Saturday 01-Dec-2018

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A one-day, intensive workshop at New Media Gallery – Learning Lab. A chance to learn about recording sounds in urban and natural environments. This workshop has been developed by an expert instructor in the field of sound, Mark Nazemi. Field Recordings workshop will set you up for our ongoing sound workshops in the year to come.

Equipment Required:
You will be required to bring your own field recorder. Microphones and laptops are optional. Audacity will be installed on computers.

Workshop Objectives:
Identify the various functions of a field recorder
How to critically listen and document soundscapes
Microphone construction and function
Explanation of microphone types for indoor and outdoor recording
Hands-on techniques for recordings sounds in an urban and natural environment using a field recorder
Basic editing and optimizing of audio using Audacity

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