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  • School Exhibition Tours

    Bring your class, educational group or non-profit for a tour of New Media Gallery. We offer an awe -inspiring 20 – 30 minute exhibition tour and a question/feedback period. Participants will experience ground-breaking works of art from around the world; they’ll learn to explore and ask big questions.

    Please email us to book your Exhibition Tour

  • School Workshops

    Our workshops integrate ideas from the exhibition together with BC’s new Core Curriculum. Big Ideas inform each exciting 1.5 – 3 hour Workshop where a focus on process and inquiry-based learning are key. Encouraging and building on a vibrant & dynamic process of creativity and imagination in workshop situations is our thing; we champion individual and collective brainstorming and focused play!

    Before booking with us, please create an account through The City of New Westminster’s booking website, Perfect Mind.

  • Learning Lab Workshops

    The workshops at the New Media Gallery Learning Lab expands from early learners to advanced creators. The Learning Lab at the Anvil Centre is state of the art and we provide a plethora of 3D design, A/V, coding and more for creative, artists and makers. Take advantage of one of our many 3D printers or design an artistic experience using Oculus Rift.